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About YOU

Do you see yourself anywhere in the following list?
  • you feel isolated and embarrassed by the cluttered condition of your home
  • you work constantly at de-cluttering and organizing but the situation doesn�t seem to improve
  • you or others have attached an unhealthy label to you (pack rat, messy, or worse)
  • you feel out of control of your living space or workspace
  • you feel that you may need ongoing support with de-cluttering
If you see yourself in the above list, it's likely that you can benefit from the services of a professional organizer. Tempted? Here are some things to mull over before you call:
  • what do you want done? Is your goal to reorganize your entire office, or just to tidy up your filing system?
  • how much time do you want to invest in the organizing process?
  • how "hands-on" will you want your professional organizer to be? Some people don't like having their personal things touched. Do you have privacy needs that will have to be communicated?
  • How quickly do you want to proceed? Is there a deadline that you must meet, or do you want to proceed slowly and cautiously?
Once you've got a handle on what you want, the next step is to call me, Stacy Walker, CPO®, at Gettin' Around to It Professional Organizing. When you call, we'll arrange to meet for a free, no-obligation needs assessment. This is very relaxed process; I'll look at the space you want to organize, then ask about your goals for the organizing process.

We'll talk about your thoughts on issues like timing and privacy. Then, when I understand your needs, we'll talk about what can reasonably be accomplished within your time frame and budget. If you want to proceed, we'll agree on a timeframe and schedule, and map out a strategy.

Your organizing solutions will be custom designed to work with your needs, values, and personal style. No steps will be taken before you're ready, especially if you're letting go of treasured items as you downsize. I'll help you work through the emotional attachments until you're ready to let go. You can rest easy knowing that nothing is ever discarded without your knowledge and permission.

If you prefer not to have another person handle your things, or if your budget is limited, an alternative is a thorough consultation with a room by room action plan, then leave the hands-on organizing to you. At the other end of the scale, if you're short on time, you can turn the hands-on work over to me, and just pop in every so often to see how it's going and make decisions. The process really is about meeting YOUR needs and goals.

What you can expect:

  • Reorganization of your physical environment so that it 'works' better for the purpose you're using it for
  • Custom-developed systems that will help you to use the space in ways that minimize the tendency to 're-clutter'
  • Respect for your privacy. At any time during the process, you can designate areas as 'private' and they will simply be put aside.
  • Confidentiality
  • Support for as long as you need it
Would you like to live or work in your existing space with more ease, simplicity, and comfort? Would you like to know that once you reach that state, you can maintain it? Just contact me for a free, no-obligation needs assessment.

Can A Professional
Organizer Help You?

Are you...
  • surrounded by things you no longer use?
  • surrounded by things you no longer love?
  • Do you have...

  • too much paper coming into your living space or work environment?
  • too much stuff, or too little space?
  • a backlog of unfinished projects?
  • a list of repairs you 'can't get around to'?
  • Is it a challenge to...

  • locate important information in your home or office?
  • get yourself or your family members ready and out the door on time?
  • Do you feel...

  • overwhelmed at the thought of trying to organize your belongings?
  • Do you wish...

  • you had more time for YOU?
  • The more 'yes' answers you have, the more likely a Professional Organizer can help you.

    It's important, though, to find the right organizer—one who you really click with and who is familiar with the kinds of challenges you face.

    Why not give Stacy a call? If she doesn't feel that she is the best fit for you, she will refer you to another organizer who might be a better fit.

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