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About Gettin' Around to It

Stacy Walker, CPOŽ Loves to Organize!Hi. I'm Stacy Walker, CPOŽ, Professional Organizer and owner of Gettin' Around to It Professional Organizing. Since you're here to find out who I am, I'll try to oblige!

In 2003 I decided to pursue a career in a field that I truly love and have a passion for—organizing! At the time, there wasn't much in the way of training available, so I did the existing courses then went to work, drawing on my own life experiences and learning from each organizing project.

So much has changed since then. The Organizing profession is evolving, and there are quite a few certifications available. As I work and learn, I've come to realize that my passion is working with people who have chronic disorganization issues; extreme clutter, hoarding, excessive acquiring, and squalor. So I've tried to study as widely as I can, to put the best and newest tools in my toolkit.

My current qualifications include:
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  • POC - Professional Organizers in Canada, Gold Leaf Member (10+ years experience)
  • TPO - Trained Professional Organizer, 2007 inaugural group, Edmonton Chapter Advisor
  • BCPO - Board of Certification for Professional Organizers, Certified Professional Organizer®, 2008/li>
  • ICD - Institute for Challenging Disorganization, subscriber since 2007, with the following certificates:
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    CPOŽ is a registered mark of the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers in the United States.

    Level I Specialist Certificate in Chronic Disorganization

    Level II Hoarding Specialist

    Residental & Soho Organizing Specialist

    If your needs involve residential and/or SOHO organizing, I can help with:
    • extreme clutter and hoarding behaviours
    • chronic disorganization
    • clutter that can be attributed to depression and other mental health conditions
    I can also help with "project" type organizing challenges like:
    • small and home office (SOHO) organization, paper flow, and information management
    • seasonal organizing projects
    • pre- and post-renovation organizing
    Don’t hesitate to call me to discuss your personal organizing challenges. If I feels that there is another organizer who would be a better fit for you, I will be completely honest about that and help find the right P.O. for your project.

Stop living with clutter! Experience the physical and mental relief of living in an organized environment—and knowing that you CAN maintain this new environment over time. If you live in the Edmonton, Alberta, area, call (780) 717-1745 today for your free assessment.

Get out from under, and live clutter-free! Contact Gettin' Around to It today.


Ten Certificates of Study in:
Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding, ADD/ADHD, Physically Challenged,
Elderly, Learning Styles, Students, Mental Health Challenges,
Life Transitions, Client Administration
And the future? As I continue to work full time, I'll also study further. Clients with chronic disorganization challenges deserve the best that I can give them—and I truly believe that to give clients the best, my training should never stop. No matter how many certifications I achieve, my bottom line will always be the same as it was when I started out as an organizer: to provide real value for every client.

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You see, every organizing job is a unique challenge, and every person I work with is unique. An organizing solution can't just fit the problem. It also has to fit the person. My goal is always to find the most practical, user-friendly solutions that will work for the specific person and the specific situation. It doesn't matter what worked for the last person, or what works for me—what will work for YOU?

Clients say that I'm pretty approachable and easy to work with. I believe in bringing energy and enthusiasm to every project. I'm never judgmental. I respect you and your "stuff"! Most important, I've got realistic expectations, and I try to make sure that you keep your expectations realistic too. (BTW, in case it's important to you, I'm fully insured.)

Last, but not least, I believe that the Organizer-client fit is very important. That's why I encourage prospective clients to interview other Organizers and find the right person for them. It's critical that new clients feel comfortable in our relationship. If I think I'm not the best fit for a prospective client, I'm not shy about recommending another Organizer who I think is a better fit. Client satisfaction is what counts.

But enough about me. Give me a call, and let's talk about YOU!

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Stacy Walker, CPOŽ
Gettin' Around to It
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(780) 717-1745
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P.S. If you'd like to see some short video clips of me giving organizing tips, please click here to go to the Speaking & Mentoring page.
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