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Imagine coming home to a cluttered living space. You have to search through things, fight for a clear spot on the table, wade through 'stuff' piled on the floor.

It drains you, doesn't it?

Now imagine coming home to the same space, but it's tidy and well-organized. Clutter-free. You can find things easily. There's lots of space on the table for your dinner plate. The room seems airy and relaxed. It's a whole different feeling, right?

Now imagine that once you've created this relaxed, inviting space, you can keep it that way. Gettin' Around to It Professional Organizing will provide you with affordable organizing solutions that are:

  • A Recent Project After the Organizer Finished confidential
  • customized
  • practical
  • sustainable

Organized people aren't just lucky. Consciously or not, they've found systems to help them get out from under the clutter of everyday life. Gettin' Around to It will help you to find the organizing systems that work for you, and help you to implement and maintain them. We particularly love to work with people who need ongoing support to create a living space that energizes them instead of draining them.

Short on time? Too busy to de-clutter? No problem! If you don't have the time or interest to be intimately involved in the organizing process, just delegate it. Simply share your needs and goals, then Stacy Walker, CPOŽ, our organizer, will put in the time. It's like having an extra set of hands.

Stacy is involved in a variety of education and support initiatives for people with organizing and hoarding challenges. See more information on support and educational groups.


Below are some video clips from Stacy's appearance on Help TV. They communicate some useful organizing tips! Click any link to view that clip. (Most are about 3 min. long, so please allow for sufficient loading time.)

Clip #1: Intro to Stacy; Organizing Challenges of Modern Life
Clip #2: Tips for Dealing With Incoming Paper
Clip #3: Using a Labeller; Innovative Uses of a Shoe Organizer; Holiday Gift Tips
Clip #4: More Before/After Examples; Helping With Chronic Disorganization

Gettin' Around to It Professional Organizing follows the code of ethics outlined by our parent organization, the Professional Organizers in Canada. All services are entirely confidential.
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